It’s Time to Flourish!

Indeed, this decade has brought new challenges but it's also an opportunity for change and potential.

New beginnings that draw from memories and inner reflection can be daunting.

Yet these truths can also help, guide, and nurture; enabling ourselves and future generations to Flourish from such stories that we tell ourselves. Indeed, you wouldn't wish some of these experiences on anyone but they can be too important not to tell.

The vulnerability can be raw and deep to the core. It can feel like being dropped into hot water. And how should one react?

The beauty of flowering tea in hot water never ceases to be an amazing visual feast. Yet the hot water allows the beautiful tea to flourish, calmly. Tea is generally remedial so perhaps the hot water should not be seen as a threat but that of an enabler to be an opportunity for healing. Many issues can be resolved over a cup of tea.

How we react to challenges is a reflection on how we cope. Of course, some challenges can't be avoided but our reactions create our story. 

How we react is so very important. To blame others or fall victim is a mindset. How we behave NOW is the energy that enables change, offering new growth and opportunity.

Listen to your inner strength, and know your capabilities. The world around you will be a better and beautiful place for yourself and loved ones to Flourish 🌻🌺🌼🌹

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