About LyndalT

"I have a little teacup that is 5 generations old..."

This teacup is part of a trio set, glazed in the prettiest shade of turquoise blue and hand-painted with gold trims. The gold handle has worn somewhat and I love knowing that my great grandmother, grandmother and mother have all held this teacup in their hands. I often think about them when I sip my tea, and this helps me identify the person I am today.

Realising this, I wonder what stories my children will one day cherish and if they would like a special teacup to treasure too?

Do you have a favourite teacup? What are your favourite stories, and how would you like to be remembered, particularly in 5 generations’ time?

A quality teacup and saucer creates a moment in time, and often improves the situation.

I love what my my blue teacup represents, and have tried to replicate the same qualities so that others can create the same heirloom for themselves and their future generations.

I have designed a modern version of the original teacup in two sizes. The XL teacup is bigger in size to provide more tea and time, and is better quality as it’s bone-free!

A LyndalT teacup is fired 5x times, which enables it to be light yet strong.

The colour is an unfadable glaze. Over 20 colours or designs are available in both the regular and XL teacup range and can be mix’n’matched with your favourite collection of tea sets.

This is why I created LyndalT.