Mustard ‘Cherish’ Side Plate

Cherish the moments, the good with the bad, learn from your experiences, and share a conversation about what this word really means to you. What do you truly Cherish?

It's the stories we tell ourselves and memories we hold tightly, that make us who we are. Cherish yourself and others with kind thoughts and hold onto the loving memories. It's who you are now, and can affect how you will be remembered. Cherish today for all that it is.

A note on sizing: LyndalT side plates are oversized – at 22.8cm diameter, they are perfect for use as an entrée plate or a small dinner plate.  

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LyndalT Mustard 'Cherish' Side Plate Dimensions:  22.8cm | 9 inches. Decal and hand-painted gold finishes on new fine china.

To keep your Cherish side plate in perfect condition we recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and drying with a soft cloth. Not suitable for use in microwave or convection ovens. Not dishwasher safe.