Fine Bone China vs New Fine China


Fine Bone China and New Fine China are high-class forms of porcelain. Both contain feldspathic rock and kaolin (a fine white clay) but the major difference is animal bone.


The best quality Fine Bone China can contain up to 45% cow or pig bone ash. Animal liberationists, vegetarian, vegans, Muslim, Halal or Islamic people may find this bone content controversial and now a New Fine China has been developed as a modern day alternative in the Fine China industry; replacing the bone properties with what the Chinese call ‘Jade', different from the green gemstone we know in Western society.


Looking at a teacup, the inclusion of Jade provides a crisp white luster compared to a warm colour tone of Fine Bone China. Both can be super thin when held up to the light but the bone china will provide a translucent quality compared to it’s Jade counterpart. Both can be painted in a variety of bright colour glazes or have CMYK decals applied to them. 


Bone china undergoes two firing processes. The first causes the product to shrink, and about 20% of the pieces that are made will crack and break at this stage. The second firing happens after the piece is glazed, and melts the glaze into the piece. Those that don’t crack or break during this stage are then decorated with their final patterns. 


Our range of teacups and saucers include both Fine Bone China and New Fine China. LyndalT products are made with the best quality in mind. Our intention is for all products to be collectable pieces that will transcend into heirloom pieces for generations that follow. We invite you to join the LyndalT legacy today for tomorrow.

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