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2020 – a time to Flourish

2020 brings a new decade which is an opportunity for growth and potential.

This can be daunting as a creative task has new beginnings that draw from inner reflection, memories and past events.

But these truths can help, guide, nurture and enable ourselves and future generations to Flourish from such experiences. Indeed, you wouldn't wish some of these experiences on anyone but they are too important not to remember.

Emotions from past events can be raw to the core and difficult to handle. It can seem a lot like being dropped into hot water. How does one react?

Yet hot water can also be known to soothe and calm like a cup of tea. It can be enhanced with flowers and offer remedial benefit. Perhaps the hot water should not be seen as a threat but that of an enabler. An opportunity for healing.

How we react to challenges is a reflection on how we survive. Of course, some challenges can kill but it's also our reactions that can allow us to recover and build from what seems to be nothing. In fact, the platform of nothing is armored with pure potential and intention.

Our energy cannot be too heavy or else we will weep, like petals of a flower. Our colour will not be vibrant for others to see if our heads are heavy in despair. How we react is so very important. To blame others or fall victim is a mindset. How we behave NOW is the energy that enables change, offering new growth and opportunity.

Listen to your inner strength, and know your capabilities. The world around you will be a better and beautiful place for yourself and loved ones to Flourish 🌻🌺🌼🌹

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